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How Does the LG 360 VR Compare In The Market?

lg 360 vr


All the tech giants seem to be having a crack at this virtual reality thing and LG is not about to be left out. So the Korean electronics giants have created their own VR headset called the LG 360 VR.

LG 360 VR


In summary of the LG virtual reality headgear. It has a very light and compact design which makes it easy and comfortable to wear but in general it does not offer a very good virtual reality experience, it has terrible leakage and it is not so aesthetic to wear. The thick and thin of it all is that there are far better VR experiences to be had than the LG 360 VR and better G5 accessories you can spend your money on.


The 360 VR works in a similar fashion compared to Samsung Gear VR. It makes use of the processing power of a smartphone which in this case is the LG G5 to run the virtual experiences. One major difference here, however, is that with the 360 VR, instead of placing your smartphone as you would with the Gear VR inside of the headset, the 360 VR comes complete with its own screen and you only need plug in the G5 via a USB-C cable. This is what gives the 360 VR it lightness.


The highlight of the 360 VR which is as a result of its lightness is that it is so comfortable to wear but it comes with a big caveat. The open design allows for a lot of leakage. It allows light seep in from the environment and this messes up the immersion of VR. While other brand of headsets like the HTC Vive and Gear VR work to completely block out the real world, with the 360 VR you can easily peek around the sides of the headset.



With no touchscreen on the headset, you have to navigate with the phone screen and this design means you have to look down to see what you’re doing. This could have been easily achieved by touch alone. All of these limitations ultimately makes for a less immersive experience. The advantage here with this design is that you don’t experience the steaming effect of your breathe as you would with the Gear VR and with the open design, you get a sweat free experience.


What is the Experience Like?

The experience isn’t the best out there and it is not so great. The lack of complete immersion makes the whole thing feel quite odd as though the image is floating right in front of you rather than you being inside of the moment. Other headsets while slightly less comfortable have a more exciting feel to their virtual reality. Even with the open design and lighter weight of the headset, all of the accompanying deficiencies of the design makes the whole experience less attractive overall and it is still a lot of paces off the major VR headsets available in the market today. Depending on what the retail price would be, it might still make for a fun accessory to play with but if it turns out to be closer to the $200 mark, it won’t be getting a lot of sales.

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