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Research in Mixed Reality Training and Business Benefits

Orlando businessman Shane Taber has disclosed that it will only take some time before a journey to the hardware shop equals taking a smartphone to showcase how products you purchase are going to look like or perhaps how it’s going to assist you at home.

It’s often referred to as mixed reality, and Taber exclusively said many businesses have been giving it a shot as it experience decline in cost while at the same time the tools turn out to be stronger.

He also said shoppers would be capable of saving their time by taking an image of a lined hole in need of a bolt prior to leaving home and making decisions accordingly at the store.

“That’s where it’s going to hit the consumer and their everyday lives,” said Taber, creative director at Orlando-based Engineering and Computer Simulations said. “For me, that’s how I see it having an impact.”

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Mixed reality could as well be referred to as the next generation of virtual reality, and not only does it entails viewing or playing video games all the way through goggles. Mixed reality is powered with 3-D computer created images which is projected in real time and space to characterize objects or figures.

Now that most people now own gadgets and smartphones, experts ascertained that mixed reality will turn out to be commonplace. Orlando’s heavy attention to simulating and the aspect of teaching expertise, rooted here by the presence of the military for decades, pose the region on a good streak to capitalize on the development. For example the University of Central Florida and local businesses are looking into new problems surrounding mixed reality technology.

“The idea of playing with what people see has reached a nice stage in research around the country,” said Eileen Smith, director of UCF’s E2i Creative Studio. “Now it’s moving into the commercial space.”

Smith has been functioning in the company of a group of UCF students by means of a Canon device that enables the formation of mixed reality situations.

Visitors who were present at a recent open house could as well witness the fashion design and virtual firefighter training applications which were exclusively displayed in action, and within the shortest period of time.

“You need to interact with it and ask questions and explore things you can’t explore in real life,” she said. “You say ‘where can we take this?’ It’s only bound by your imagination, which can make it hard for some people to grasp.”

Well, it only takes time before people integrate the concept of virtual reality in their daily lives, she noted.

“You can do that now without having a costly investment every time,” said Rebecca Geraghty, who works in Canon’s New York office in the division overseeing mixed reality. “You can do that digitally now.”

“When we talk about mixed reality, now you’re adding the real-world element,” she said. “It’s an interesting platform because of the possibilities.”

“The quality is improving and that’s the great thing,” said Taber. “It’s become an immersive experience where you feel you’re in an environment.”

With the inclusion of Tech Giant like Facebook, Google and HTC investing in this innovation, saying it is bound to grow would definitely be an understatement, Taber said.

“There was a lull there where technology had to catch up,” he said. “Now that you see what’s coming on the market, it’s getting smaller and lighter.”

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