Former Microsoft Employees Launches LOOOK, a Mixed Reality Studio

LOOOK: Holographic Computing Welcomes You to the Future

John Howard and Sebastien Motte were asked about the future post-smartphone computing innovation, and the technology industry veterans were happy to shed more light concerning holographic interfaces and mixed reality.

Industry Veterans Introduces Mixed Reality Computing Through LOOOK

The ex-Microsoft employees—Howard, a former Microsoft HoloLens creative director, and Motte, the former head of Xbox first-party business development—are such great believers in mixed-reality computing and left Microsoft to set up their own business. The end result of parting with Microsoft is their launch of LOOOK, a holographic mixed reality design and development studio based in Seattle.

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The studio, which has worked together with France-based Asobo Studio, a studio that’s been independently developing content for the HoloLens in the past few years, will provide things like application development services for businesses and prototyping. It’s also come along at a time mostly needed, entering into a slipstream being filled up with other studios, companies, and technologies racing to take advantage of the possibilities built in mixed reality.

Magic Leap, a secretive Florida-based company, is an example of companies focused on mixed reality with its HoloLens-like device. The said device has drawn so much investment funding and is currently valued at around $4 billion.

Few days ago, a set of VR industry veterans, who previously worked with DreamWorks Animation, launched a young VR and mixed reality company. Named SPACES, the mixed reality studio is currently working for companies like Microsoft and NBCUniversal on content. Impressively enough, they were able to raise $3 million in its initial funding guided by Comcast Ventures.


More About LOOOK

The three Os that formed the new company’s logo is an unending loop. Motte, a Kundalini yoga teacher, says a symbol of the “third eye” represents the O in the middle—the sources of creativity and intuition, which also addresses the creation of application and content that LOOOK wants to be a part of.

“Microsoft is really a platform company,” says Motte. He said this by way of giving details of how LOOOK was created by him and Howard.

“The content is there to drive the platform, but there’s only so much the content guys at Microsoft can do. We decided that the only way to make happen what we want to see happen is to go out on our own, where we wouldn’t have to seek approval of budgets and all that. It’s like in the gaming industry, where being indie has a lot to do with being in charge of your own destiny.”

Motte and Howard had a front-row seat at Microsoft for a few rise and forward shifts in consumer computing behavior. During Motte’s time with the Microsoft company, as stated in his LinkedIn profile, he helped the company launch and manage the Age of Empires franchise and other PC games for first party. He was fully involved in the content strategy and acquisitions of action/adventure and as well led the MMO games for the launch of the Xbox. He also led a team of worldwide business development that responsible for first-party Xbox games, and discussed partnerships with consumer brands and independent games studios for Microsoft Studios entertainment content exclusive to platforms like HoloLens and Xbox LIVE, among other platforms.


In mixed reality, users interact and see with interplay of practical and real-world environments. Within the facts that surround LOOOK, the team will collaborate with clients and work out where mixed reality applications can solve a particular need or their workflows.

“That will transform how we work and play going forward.”

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