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A Los Angeles Based Writer Spent 25 Hours in Virtual Reality

How does it sounds like to experience Virtual Reality environment for 25 hours? This is what happened recently; a Los Angeles writer set a world record. Derek Westerman, spent 25 hours playing a game in Virtual Reality. He took this challenge after trying VR for the first time earlier this year. He found out that there wasn’t a world record for time spend in VR headset, so he planned this and successfully executed it.

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The challenge was to spend 25 hours, while making 3D artwork in a game called Tilt Brush. Every hour, Westerman was working on a new painting; he was shifting between sitting, standing, or lying on the floor. During the challenge, supporting staff fed him pieces of pizza and chicken burrito. There was a requirement set by Guinness Book of World Records to have observers recording each and every minute of this ordeal. He wasn’t allowed to stop playing, and bathroom trips were taken over by a bucket.

Want to know How Virtual Reality affected him?

He thought to quite as the fatigue started to grow, but he conserved his energy by painting slowly. He vomited into the bucket at one point.

After the challenge, he said that he had a great experience, but hasn’t worn a Virtual Reality headset since then. 24 hours after the experience, everything looked uncanny. After spending a day in a Virtual Environment, his brain started to register space differently. Distanced objects looked odd, or as they were not real or fake.

HTC, maker of headset that Derek wore, recommended that VR users take breaks. According to company’s spokesperson, company can’t comment on how long someone can wear Vive headset. Google, who’s the maker of game that Derek played, also declined to comment on how long a person should play the game.

How long side Effects lasted?

According to Derek, the side effects didn’t last long. The reason was explained by Professor Amitabh Varshney, University of Maryland; he leads a virtual reality research team. Amitabh explained that human sense are able to adapt well to different circumstances. He recalled an experiment in which another professor outfitted his assistance with VR glasses to invert his vision; changing the world upside down for him. Initially, the assistant was confused, but soon he was able to perform everyday tasks.

Amitabh said that Derek’s experience has highlighted progress in VR headsets and games. It is helping users to consider spending more time in the headset.

“If you tried virtual reality a few years ago your experience would be dramatically different than today,” Said Chief executive AltSpace, Eric Romo. “The inability of people to stay in virtual reality for a long period of time is not as real a problem as people think, “he added.

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What are the Areas of Research in Virtual Reality?

As per Amitabh, Derek’s nausea should be taken in account. He reminded that health impacts of latest technologies have not been studied very well. This leaves people on their own, and users have to make sure that they don’t overdo it.

Derek was also concerned about health problems, after searching it on Google. There were posts mainly focusing on eye problems after long period of time in VR. Researchers could learn from Derek’s experience, and improve VR to make it more health friendly.

Derek expects that his record will be broken shorty, but he won’t be going through it again. He said that he won’t be “chasing that dragon anymore.”

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