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The Magic in Tech Is Evident in VR and HTC Vive

More often than not, something amazing unexpectedly comes along, something that has never been seen before and it seems like magic to everyone- A product that takes us into the possibility of the future and brings us back to right now. That’s just what VR brings with it. Most people are experiencing it for the very first time and they are being mesmerized by the experience.

HTC Vive

Recently at IBTimes UK, the HTC Vive was set up in a meeting room with a one week roster of VR games to try out. Tech journalists were not a part of setting the whole thing up but playing the game, everyone got blown away and just didn’t want the experience to end. As much as VR takes away your sight of the real world, it can pass as a social activity.

A love affair with virtual reality

The IBTimes UK love affair with Vive started slowly. A few curious glances into the meeting room as everything was being set up and people wondered why the room was needed for a whole week. Everyone was ready to write every observable attribute in comparison to the Gear VR and Oculus Rift, one of the tech journalists present even admitted to not knowing what VR stood for. It became clear that most people’s knowledge of technology does not go beyond their smartphones and terms like VR sound like alien language. The journalists present didn’t want to try out the Vive themselves so they invited other people to come try it out so they could get them recorded but eventually a lot of people wanted to try it out that it brought about a queue at the door. The review session had turned into a social event where a lot of people were trying out ground-breaking new technology for the very first time.


Every time the Vive headset was lifted, it revealed wide eyes and a beaming smile and shock as players often got carried away in a simple game of golf or tennis that they had completely lost track of where in the room they were facing.

Surgeon Simulator got people freaked out

VR takes away the physical senses and awareness of the user, you would expect it to be a lonely activity but that is totally untrue. As a player got into the VR world, colleagues gathered at the windows and came in to take photos, record video and share this bizarre scene online. They were detached and isolated in a way only beaten by sleep, yet, somehow they were also the centre of attention; the one we all watched intently and laughed along with as they freaked out over Surgeon Simulator.

HTC Vive

Living in the future

Being a journalist affords the opportunity to try out tech weeks or even months before it goes on sale and perhaps in the case of Vive, years or even a decade, before it becomes mainstream.

All new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy launches are a huge occasion on the technology calendar, but VR and the HTC Vive are different. They aren’t just annual launch dates, these are landmark dates on a 10-year calendar.

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