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Major Challenge of VR Devices: Health Issues

Motion sickness in vr

Top companies such as Sony, HTC, Google, Samsung, and Facebook are highly expanding and investing in their VR products. This has marked 2016 a year of new innovations and experiences for consumers. But one thing is left ignored; the health risks that these VR products might be causing to the consumers health.


Each and everything has pros and cons.

VR devices are no doubt, full of entertainment, fun to use and giving a whole new world to games and other industries.

However, it does have some potentially negative effects posing serious health threats especially if the VR headset is used for a longer period of time.

At first, this issue was highlighted in the 30th Annual Gaming Convention by Suma, who specializes in VR at the University of California. She said that the issue of individuals being sensitive to motions and simulator sickness needs to be dealt with.

Just now at the latest Game Developers Conference, VR topic remained in the spotlight.

Users believed that Oculus Rift mostly has caused:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  •  Sickness



This is a great challenge for the makers of the VR devices as they cannot risk the health of consumers for entertainment.

Now, Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP Games, has kept this into consideration and they want customer health and comfort to be a priority. Sony has further taken the responsibility to inform their customers of the side effects before they make a decision to buy.


Parents need to be careful about the time span their child uses the VR headset and to overcome the nausea, the person is to be kept in a dark room for a bit.

But technology giant companies have raised their voices that technology being an essential part of people of all ages, will now make their products more friendly to use and comfortable as well.

IMMY.Inc has already secured a patent for the Natural Eye Optics which will lessen the effects of VR products on consumer’s health.

Sony and Microsoft also are soon introducing VR headsets for PlayStation and the parents request to keep their children’s health a priority is no longer being ignored.

Nevertheless, it will still be a while before the products are launched and in-use to the point where we can decide how user friendly they really are.


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