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What makes Microsoft’s Hololens Stand Out?

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Amongst all of the tech products that have been reviewed in the past, very few of them come close to the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality glasses. The Hololens is actually running windows 10 and it can produce holographic images when you wear it on your head and look through the scenes. The images of course are 3D with high resolution and you almost wish they were real. It is always the case that when anybody wears the Hololens and plays with it for a while that they exclaim oh my G-d a couple of times.


What makes the Hololens stand apart from the others like the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive or the Gear VR is that it doesn’t put you in a low resolution world. It brings high resolution into your current world. With the Hololens, you can actually do other stuff and still be immersed in a virtual reality. You can talk a walk and watch a movie at the same time and not get hit by a bus. However, it is not recommended that you attempt this.


Experience Augmented Reality

Daryl Deino, a writer for the Huffington Post, went to a public place with the headset and he had this to say: “I took a video at Starbucks to show you what goes on inside the HoloLens. Yes, the people there thought I was nuts, but who cares, right? They don’t have the opportunity to interact with a ballerina, a young street dancer, a tiger, and an elephant while drinking coffee at their tables, do they. Then again, perhaps not everybody wants to do so when going to Starbucks. ”


Limitations of the Hololens

The one major problem with the Hololens is the videos that it takes. They can be a little misleading with their poor field of view. When you have a relatively small screen right in front of your face and images can only appear on that screen, when you turn your head a little and the hologram image goes outside of the screen, it gets clipped off. Whereas in real life, even if you turn your head away, you can still see a peripheral vision of what is outside your view.


This poor field of view however doesn’t significantly diminish the experience of the Hololens. It takes away from it a little but you tend to get used to the field of view and you know where and how to manage your views thus making the experience as immersive as possible. Microsoft will definitely fix this deficiency in its view when the consumer version of the Hololens is released. Every other thing however remains great. The tracking of the physical environment works properly and with the high resolution graphics coupled with the immersive stereo sound, the Hololens is indeed an excellent product. One more thing to note is that it is very comfortable to wear too.


There is a clicker included in the Hololens that you can use to navigate but it is much more fun to use your hand and fingers. With a combination of gestures and movements you can actually get to navigate the environment without hassle.

Watch the video below



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