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Man Creates VR App For Rock Climbers

Jon Cheng

Jon Cheng loves to rock climb. To him, the best part is the cerebral challenge. Cheng said, “You’re sort of trying to solve this puzzle in your head about how to move your body in 3D space.”

Cheng is a smart guy having graduated from Harvard University. He’s also competitive. Put all of that together and that’s what’s led to him creating a virtual reality game called the Randori Time Travel. The way it works is a projector displays targets on the climbing wall. The goal is to hit each target as fast as possible.

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Climber, Cheryl Chan said, “It actually gave me such an adrenaline rush…I felt like I had to get it done fast and suddenly just grabbing a rock and doing it right away was awesome.”

This new technology helps create a completely new experience for climbers.

It’s also set up for any type of user from a beginning climber to an expert climber.

“It appeals to a lot of advanced climbers because they like competing with each other, but we’ve also had a lot of success with kids programs. We have a lot of kids who are really excited about it and they’re just like ‘oh that’s really, really cool can I play that?”, said Randori Time Travel Founder Jon Cheng.


Watch the video below




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