Manchester City “Push the Boundaries” with VR Trial - 3D VR Central

Manchester City “Push the Boundaries” with VR Trial – 3D VR Central

It has always been the aspirations of Man City fans and followers to pull on the popular sky blue jersey and to gallantly walk out into the big Man City stadium’s consecrated turf on any of the match days.

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Considering the ten thousand hours of practice which is mandatory or an exclusive sweep from the hand of the intelligence, it should be noted that simple mortals would only visualize over such pleasant memory, although a fortunate group of fans in London, New York and Melbourne have been able to move close to the point where today’s technology could afford.

Speaking to us is Diego Gigliani, Senior Vice President of Media and Innovation at City Football Group, who said: “At Manchester City, we’re constantly exploring new ways to connect with our fans.

In respect of Manchester City’s final Barclays Premier League home game assignment of the season, they have successfully partnered together with Sky Sports and LiveLike to realize virtual reality (VR) technology and for the purpose of taking supporters on a new, immersive and exclusive experience for the very first time.

“In doing so, we proactively look for and embrace innovative technologies that can help complement our physical touch points and strengthen our relationship with our fans. Virtual Reality is one of them.

“There’s still a lot to be done until the technology matures and we find the right content offering, but the fans’ reactions to this test prove how incredibly engaging and transformational virtual reality can be.”

It has factually been discovered that, slipping on a VR headset, when those partaking in the trial were moved right to the heart of the action as City and Arsenal shared four goals in a passionate, frequently exhilarating display at the Etihad Stadium.

In addition to that, Steve Smith, Director of Sky Sports production, considers this trial to be just the beginning.
“It is the next step in our VR story and the results are really impressive,” Smith asserted.

It is also noted that this selected group of intrepid as well as international fans was prearranged for full right of entry to a greatly interactive atmosphere with up-to-date match stats and figures, highlights and record footage for Sunday’s top four showdown.

Steve Smith said, “Through our dedicated Sky VR Studio we will continue to explore opportunities across all genres of content in the Sky offering.”

Speaking about the potentials of VR, Miheer Walavalkar, Chief Business Officer of LiveLike, is of the belief that the supporters will be able to get pleasure from the match action with family and friends in spite of how far they might be to the live event.

Walavalkar added: “Partnering with Manchester City FC has given us the opportunity to showcase the powerful immersive experience virtual reality brings. Together we will continue to push the boundaries of enhancing fan engagement.”

Applications built from this office have been instrumental in our growth globally and bringing Virtual and Augmented Reality knowledge transfer to people around the world.

EON chose Manchester over a host of other continental cities as the location for the HQ, The students now form the core of EON Reality’s Manchester development team, specializing in storyboarding.

Just as the saying goes that – the most excellent medium to predict the future is to craft it.

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