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Microsoft Exploring Their New Haptic Technology

Haptic Technology

Microsoft researchers have broken the barriers on the new haptic technology that allows people to interact with virtual reality worlds with their hands. The new tech replaces the wand or similar tools with the user’s hands, providing the strong sense of actual presence inside digital spaces. Researchers have also been experimenting with Minecraft to come up with a way to give players the ability to completely control the multiple virtual building blocks with their hands using just one real world cube.

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What We Know So Far About Microsoft’s New Haptic Technology

This technology is still being test run by the Microsoft team who found that by warping the world over the users, they could tap into the payer perceptions to make them believe they were actually interacting with multiple blocks.

Very different from Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, the Hololens, which gives the user the ability to interact with holograms rendered over real-world spaces, the company’s passive haptic tech allows the user to directly engage with objects in fully immersed virtual reality environments.

“We have created a framework for repurposing passive haptics, called haptic retargeting, that leverages the dominance of vision when our senses conflict. With haptic retargeting, a single physical prop can provide passive haptics for multiple virtual objects,” explained the Microsoft team. “We introduce three approaches for dynamically aligning physical and virtual objects: world manipulation, body manipulation, and a hybrid technique, which combines both world and body manipulation.
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“Our study results indicate that all our haptic retargeting techniques improve the sense of presence when compared to typical wand-based 3D control of virtual objects,” they added.

This new advancement in the technology is sure to be pleasing to consumers, as it brings them much more closer in interaction and engage with the VR world they are experiencing and the ultimate goal of virtual reality is to render virtual worlds as close as possible to the real thing. A lot of this lies in the way users interact and engage with the environments.

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