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Microsoft Hololens Is in a Class of its Own

Microsoft Hololens


The Microsoft Hololens is touted to be one of the most exciting VR headsets to be created and it is often referred to as the future of the technology. There have been so many excellent reviews of this product and it seems to be holding its own amidst competition from other brands.

microsoft hololens

It is frustrating to note, however, that the Hololens is virtually impossible to get your hands on at the moment except maybe you happen to be a developer who applied to get one months ago. For those who have made this application and have received it, some of the key things of note have been widely reported in reviews and the likes. Taking out the box and setting up the system can be very difficult and frustrating but once it’s up and functional, the Hololens happens to be the most intriguing tech product in recent history.

hololens parts

Unpacking and Setting Up Microsoft Hololens

When you are setting up there is a guided tour of the key features of the Microsoft product and it takes you through the required set up procedures. It is often a little bit hard to get the hand gestures in the right order to select, close and move items but once you get this locked down, you begin to get used to it. So much so that you don’t even have to use the clicker anymore.


It is very likely that the Hololens will be unlike anything you’ve seen and you’re in for one shocker of an experience with it. It is notably different from all the other headsets in the market like the Oculus, HTC Vive and Gear VR. This device is actually an augmented reality device and not just a virtual reality device. With it, you can experience much more interactive and immersive experiences be it on a set of a movie or on a street or wherever. It also comes with a Netflix browser just on the side of it should you decide to delve into the VR content there.

hololensteardown 13.0


The only thing that bars this from being the ultimate experience is the fact that if everything were truly available in the real world, your vision would catch multiple objects at the same time. But this isn’t the case with the Hololens, unless two holograms are placed next to each other. If you look at the hologram that falls outside the 60% of the vision your hologram takes up, the Hololens doesn’t feel like you are in the hologram anymore.

hololens content

This issue with the view however doesn’t diminish the whole Hololens experience and once you get a hang of working around the limited field view, you will forget about this. You still experience the delight of watching your favorite movies on the screen which fits indie your field of view. If you look away you still hear the action and you can put your eyes back where it needs to be.

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