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Microsoft Research’s Haptic Retargeting, Improving VR

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ACM CHI 2016 is a leading conference for Human Computer Interaction. Microsoft Research presented haptic retargeting at the conference. Haptic retargeting is a new technique that manipulates a virtual object with necessary passive haptic cues to enable a sense of really “being there” in a virtual reality environment.


It’s not easy though to support several virtual objects since each object needs a haptic proxy object that’s located to the tee.

Microsoft Research is offering haptic retargeting to overcome this obstacle through leveraging vision as dominant at the point that a person’s senses are conflicting.

A lone physical prop is able to supply passive haptics with several different virtual objects. Microsoft announced three approaches to align physical and virtual objects together: body manipulation, world manipulation and a technique that combines world and body manipulation together as one.


Microsoft’s study results showed that their haptic retargeting technique make people feel more present than they do compared to the normal wand based 3D controls of virtual objects. And Microsoft proudly announced that they received the best satisfaction and presence scores all while making visible side effects less of an issue.

Watch the video below



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