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MLB Team Using Virtual Reality to Train Batters

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VR headsets are now starting to be released for mass consumption and they may even change how athletes train and play as well. VR could affect not only amateur athletes, but professional athletes too.

It’s already starting to happen.

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MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays has begun using virtual reality to help batters get familiar with facing certain pictures. The Tampa Bay Rays created a VR batting cage, where batters are able to face detailed replicas of pitches they could get in the real game. It’s a very realistic experience and helpful for players.

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It’s especially helpful for young players who might be going into a game without any real world experience against a certain pitcher, but now virtual reality enables those batters to get swings in before hand to have a better chance of getting a hit in the actual game since they will know what it’s like to face that pitcher.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are utilizing virtual reality for their players as well to help prepare for games.

The Tampa Bay Ray’s VR system was developed by EON Sports, who demoed the experience at CES earlier in 2016.

Outfielder, Steven Souza Jr., said, “It’s pretty awesome. I think anytime you can see a pitcher before you actually get in there, it’s unbelievable. It’s like standing in the bullpen. And how many times do you honestly get to do that for the opposing team?”

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