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MLB Is Using Virtual Reality

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Major League Baseball is now getting into virtual reality as well. 

Cody Andersen is a right handed pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. He’s normally on a pitching mound pitching fastballs that are 90 mph or faster. Recently, he was pitching while inside a Starbucks in Midtown Manhattan. Nobody even spilled their drink while he was pitching in there.

 How could that be?

 Well, because Cody was pitching on a virtual reality video game version of himself through a Samsung S7 enabled VR ballpark and fueled by EON Sports VR’s specially designed software and goggles. It’s possible to see Cody’s pitching tendencies as for the speed and where exactly the ball goes.

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There’s a whopping 50,000 different pitches that are available from thousands of MLB players that were taken from the cloud and put onto “Project OPS”, a software developed by EON Sports for Baseball players. Brendan Reilly, the CEO, said, “It’s like an advanced scouting report.”

Major League Baseball uses VR Technology for Training

The Tampa Bay Rays were the first Major League Baseball team to utilize virtual reality to help train their players. EON Sports VR opened the “iCube”, which is a 10 foot X 10 foot box that was set up in the Tampa Bay Rays’ stadium. The players were able to face pitchers like they were really there. Reilly said, “The ball moves exactly as Syndergaard’s (real) ball would move.” Speaking of New York Mets’ Noah Syndergaard.

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Reilly wouldn’t say the exact number, but he said that “less than half” of MLB teams are currently using EON Sports VR’s technology to help train their players, although the number (whatever it may be) is most likely going to keep going up. 

EON Sports VR’s Sidekiq software is being utilized by many colleges like Syracuse, UCLA and Ole Miss among others. It’s also being utilized in about 100 high schools and is helping “thousands of athletes” with their virtual reality training.


Many different industries are seeing virtual reality come about whether that be through concerts, dating, real estate or whatever it may be. Sports is one of the industries that is sure to be deeply effected by virtual reality. A study at Stanford University concluded that utilizing virtual reality is more productive than viewing a video game footage.

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StriVR is a virtual reality company that’s being used by 7 NFL teams and 13 college football teams. The company is also credited as having a legitimate role in helping get the Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals to the playoffs in 2015.

EON Sports had 30 young quarterbacks use virtual reality headsets and their study resulted in a 30% increase in improved decision making.

Reilly said, “Is there a way we can provide a value-add where we can make non-fun things in the game, like strike-zone awareness, and make that fun? So we gamify the learning process, and help hitters identify whether it’s a strike or ball in a fun way.”

All Star Baseball player Jason Giambi tried on virtual reality; Reilly said, “He tried it on and said, how do I get involved?”

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Reilly added, “I think of virtual reality as the great equalizer. We are giving everyone the tools that allows them to get a leg up on their potential competition. That’s where my passion lies.”

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