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Monocles Could Help You with Virtual Reality Vision Issues

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Throughout the years, virtual reality technology has evolved greatly and will continue to evolve. Each headset seems to offer a better experience than the previous headset that comes out.

There is still something virtual reality needs a lot to work on. That is simulating objects that are close to a person’s face as our eye muscles transmit depth data to our bran as they focus on different 3D objects. In virtual reality though, a person’s focus stays on the same place consistently, therefore, when an object is close to you, it doesn’t feel real. 

Of course, there are already multiple people working to solve this problem.

Some of those people include Gordon Wetzstein and Robert Konrad, who are electrical engineers at Stanford University along with Emily Cooper, a scientist from Dartmouth University.

The team is utilizing lenses that are filled with liquid which can tune focus in real time. Joshua Silver, in 2008, utilized the technology to develop very cheap glass that could fix the vision of the poorest people in the world.

Wetzstein, Konrad and Cooper installed a set of the lenses which were filled with liquid into an Oculus Rift VR headset and then they altered the system to control their focus level. If an object is far, the lenses adjust accordingly, same goes for if an object is near, so as to ensure that the object is clear.

They’re also experimenting with Monovision, a technique that enables both eyes of an observer to focus on different distances. When testing users, the adaptive focus system scored higher than the mono vision system. Both of them scored much higher than normal VR glasses.

Watch the video below



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