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Monovision Improving Virtual Reality Experience


Monovision Supports User on VR Situation

Researchers have found that ‘monovision’ can help to improve people’s performance in virtual reality environments. Monovision is a technique that’s pretty basic and dates all the way back to the Victorian age.

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Virtual reality and augmented reality both offer a unique way for people to research, work together, educate and be entertained. However, there’s still certain issues with the technology and perceptual issues as well in order to ensure that the experiences are high quality and truly immersive.

One of the hurdles has been the mismatch between the visual cues that the muscles in our eyes transmit to our brains as our eyes focus on 3D objects.

Researchers from Stanford University and Dartmouth College explored how different eye configurations can affect a person’s VR experience and how well they perform.

eye configurations

Monovision is a technique that enables both eyes to focus at a different distance.

The researchers developed a system that utilized focus turnable liquid lenses to enable a range of different modifications. 

Gordon Wetzstein from Stanford University, said, “My lab has been conducting research on computational near-eye display optics for a few years now, and tapping into the wealth of techniques commonly used in ophthalmology and by vision science is key for delivering better experiences with virtual reality systems.”

Robert Konrad of Stanford University, said, “In addition to showing how adaptive focus can be implemented and can improve virtual reality optics, our studies reveal that monovision can also improve user performance in terms of reaction times and accuracy, particularly when simulating objects that are relatively close to the user.”

optical solutions virtual reality

Emily Cooper of Dartmouth College, said, “Practical optical solutions for virtual reality are crucial to moving this technology to increasingly more comfortable and immersive experiences. Our work shows that monovision has the potential to be one such solution.”

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