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Moosejaw Launches Virtual Reality App

Moosejaw Launches VR App

A new virtual reality app has been released by Moosejaw, and it has given shoppers a whole new and different experience!

The VR app introduced by Moosejaw aims to place shoppers in a different kind of immersion of outdoor adventures. Within the first two weeks, the app has been downloaded by thousands of consumers.

Moosejaw Reveals New Virtual Reality App

According to the online retail company’s CEO, Eoin Comeford, the reason they launched a VR app is because of the possibility of explosion of virtual reality as something everyone will embrace.

“Virtual reality was very much in line with where we want to be,” Comerford says. “One of our core values is to be notable.”

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Moosejaw Virtual Reality

Ranked 273rd in the 2016 Internet Retailer Top 500, Moosejaw.com launched its iOS app on the 6th of May. The app can be used with any plastic virtual reality headset, but if a consumer decides to make use of the app with their phone, the phone has to be the iPhone 6.

In a recent survey by research firm Parks Associates with 10,000 US broadband households, it was revealed that about 2% of US households own a VR headset or 2.3 million households own a virtual reality headset. On any order with Moosejaw, it is giving away cardboard virtual reality viewers.

Once you download the app, you choose one of three videos and then insert your iPhone into the cardboard headset then wear it. The 360-degree video will then show scenes all around you.

Each of the videos, which lasts about three to four minutes, take you on an outdoor adventure such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing, with each video being sponsored by different outdoor brands that have products available at Moosejaw. The models in each of the videos are seen sporting products with the brand’s name or logo, and the product featured in the app redirects the user to Moosejaw’s e-commerce website. These brands pay the company undisclosed sums to have their products featured in each video.

During the first one and a half weeks of launching the application, it crossed the thousand mark and ran into a few thousand of downloads. Moosejaw’s CEO has expressed his happiness with these figures, and he believes Moosejaw will get more downloads sooner.

Comerford says sales are not the goal of the app, but “the point is engagement and building that relationship with the consumers.”

Moosejaw will measure the app’s success on how many consumers download it and continue to use it over time. A contest was also organized, which was placed in each of the videos. The online retail giant is aiming for 100,000 downloads and about 10,000 entries per contest.



To enter the contest, consumers who watch the video must answer five questions about the contents in the video. For example, a question in the rock climbing video is “When things are looking down, she’s always here.” The consumer will then have to look down while climbing a rock and then see the word “Mom,” which is the answer, spelled out in rope.


Talking about the questions, Comeford shares, “They are a little tough. So far, Moosejaw has a few hundred contest entries.”

Moosejaw also made digital and print cataloged available for the purpose of promoting the virtual reality app. Within the materials distributed are codes that unlock clue videos in the app.

The winner of the contest wins all the clothing and gears featured in that video, and consumers who complete the contest within 48 hours of launching the video will be able to enter another contest for a Moosejaw gift card worth $500.

There is a push notification on the app that lets consumers know when a new virtual reality video is live. An alert is sent to the lock screen of the consumer’s phone.

With the goal of incentivize people as they aim to be on top of things, the company, Comerford reveals, is planning to release more content featuring different activities like kayaking, trail running, and yoga. In fall, they will also launch two more VR contents that will feature snow sports and apparel.

It was January when Moosejaw conceptualized this new project and started working on it. Happy Medium worked with Moosejaw in creating the app. Moosejaw had its own photographers and videographer who did the works of the video production with a little bit of help from Happy Medium.

Moosejaw VR

An average of a day is spent filming a video, and Happy Medium and Moosejaw’s teams did the filming together, according to Comerford. He adds, “Moosejaw purchased its own drone for the filming, and GoPro provided Moosejaw with six cameras. With personnel, the cost to develop the app and the cost of the video shoot, the Moosejaw VR app cost into six figures.”

With the app going live now, Moosejaw intends to make videos with its own team. Moreover, the company has yet to decide if they will release an Android version. Comerford says this will depend on the demand and use of the iOS app.

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