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Motion Sickness in VR Is a Real Issue

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Highwire Games is set to be one of the first companies to launch a video game in virtual reality.

Jaime Griesemer of Highwire Games says that 2016 is set to be a huge year for VR, but it also poses some potential problems. Game designing will be changing drastically.

Motion sickness is a real issue that needs to be figured out for VR. Back in the earl 2000’s, Jaime was working on a game that became wildly successful. That game was Halo. Jaime said, “When you’re trying something experimental like we are, you have to bring people along. The first time we ran a play test of Halo one, a third of people int he play test got sick, and that was on a TV. They couldn’t coordinate their thumbs, and the screen wasn’t doing what they wanted and they had a bad reaction.”

motion sickness in virtual reality

A lot of this had to do with the fact that players weren’t used to it.

In VR, this becomes even more challenging as a player is essentially immersed into the VR world with his or her head being the camera.

Jaime said, “Moving around is a tough problem. You see lots of of different experiments around there with people trying to solve it. Some people don’t let you move. Some people put you on a rail. Some people put you in a cockpit. But of rthe kind of games that we wanted to make, you need to be able to explore a space and stick your noise in different crannies and not feel constrained.”


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