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Motion Sickness: A Real Issue For Virtual Reality Creators

Players of traditional videos are getting annoyed by the unnatural controls and movement and most designers of virtual reality, making the same mistake could make users sick. However, many VR aficionados are challenging the issue head on.


Despite the headsets from Oculus, HTC and Sony being made to right the nausea-inducing wrongs, people’s sensitivity to motion and simulator sickness varies widely and it is becoming a challenge. This brings about a unique design challenge to VR makers who are accustomed to crafting interactive entertainment for flat screens by not completely encasing them.


Developers of Valkyrie opted to ground and shelter seated players from the effects by surrounding them with a virtual cockpit. An attempt to tackle the problem by limiting movement and not submerging players with head-spinning stimuli is being made by other designers.


Ms. Voll, a graduate of computer and cognitive science said that there is need to look hard at the effects of long-term exposure to VR. Consumers really want to experience VR in regards to the much hype the Rift and HTC Vive has brought, but the question is how long is it safe to keep it on their heads.

According to the co-founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey, this is technologically solvable as there are many ways of making the higher resolution lightweight and more comfortable.

In the long run, the goal is to make something light as a pair of sunglasses and when there’s not a lot of movement and controls aren’t tiring, then one can be in VR comfortably.


Watch the video below



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