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MSF Uses VR Technology to Build New Hospitals

Medicins Sans Frontieres

Not just in the gaming field does the VR show significance rather more important than this is that it is used for the welfare of society. What would be better than that?

Thus, the Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), is an NGO which uses 3D printing and VR to create 3D models. This provides a better and more realistic view of the projects which are planned. Implementation of the planned projects, therefore becomes a lot easier.

MSF works in 70 states and its main objective is to provide urgent medical assistance to those in need. So, VR helps them make their blueprints reality. The blueprints are given life through VR.

MSF has had the urge to always make its services better and deliver the best facilities across the world. And this is not possible without the use of technology. VR is therefore the most emergent technology which can be used.

A technical team member of MSF, Elvina Motard has stated, “The idea of this project was really to see how we can make use of 3D printing technologies and virtual reality to help MSF better design our hospitals.”

VR has made MSF work with their 3D design to transform the already built hospital in Cantahay, Philippines after the Typhoon Haiyan struck the area. This was done in 2013. Then with the help of VR, the 3D design was converted to a physical digital 3D model with removable roof tops. Also, it was made possible through wearing headsets allowing people to see where to walk in from and where out and take the whole tour inside the hospital.

The MSF Director of Logistics, Jean Pletinckx has said, “Such technologies will undoubtedly make discussion more efficient, more vivid and more graphic. They will allow people to really see themselves inside our future hospital and this will improve hospital designs as well as training and designs. It will also allow our partners, like local ministries of health, to better understand what we can provide and better feedback on our suggestions.”

MSF was established in 1971 and in the past few months MSF has been able to turn all of the original hospital plans into fully navigable worlds.”

Projects in the future will be able to be built quicker, because many aspects of the concept proof will already be created with the 3D VR model. Developers or anyone will have a complete inside out view from each and every angle. You can basically, experience the whole hospital before it is even built.

Jean Pletinckx, has further added, “As the project develops further, it will be possible to create a dynamic environment, simulating patient and staff movements. We are at a stage now where our staff will really be able to feel or see what they will face in the field before they leave and indeed, even before the structure is built. There is no doubt that this is the way we will work in the future.”

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