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MSI Wants to be Your First Choice for PC VR Gaming


MSI is seriously trying to carve out a new niche within the premium gaming laptops and desktops markets it has so victoriously mined over the recent years. In 2016, tech industry hotspots and buzzwords definitely include virtual reality and MSI feels this is a field where its powerful gaming laptop/ desktop proficiency can be advantageous to their customers. So today, MSI emailed HEXUS discussing how it can take several important firsts for the PC industry with regard to progressing virtual reality.

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In terms of hardware partners, MSI does have some awesome tricks up their sleeves. MSI hardware has gotten ‘Certified VR Ready Notebook’ status from both Intel and HTC Vive. In addition to that, it claims to be the first systems producer to have attained this. Intel certifies a system for both its processor and graphics potentials and adds Intel VR technology to optimize the encounter further. HTC Vive is perhaps the most demanding and immersive PC HMD available at present and MSI’s gaming laptops are the first and only to be thus certified, says MSI.

MSI hasn’t overlooked software support for virtual reality and claims a number of first in this field also. The MSI VR Lab was established in early 2015 to construct and optimize devices, software and testing methods. One more progressive enterprise from MSI is its virtual reality development and cooperation program. You can check out the VR Lab and sign up to the MSI VR cooperation program through MSI’s dedicated microsite.



MSI currently lists 5 gaming laptops optimized for the HTC Vive: the GT725 6QF Dominator Pro G 29th Anniversary Edition, the GT725 6QF Dragon Edition G 29th Anniversary Edition, the GT725 6QF Dominator Pro G Heroes Special Edition, the GT80S 6QF Titan SLI 29th Anniversary Edition, and the GT80S 6QF Titan SLI Heroes Special Edition.

On the Intel front, MSI offers several Intel-certified, VR-ready gaming notebooks too. There are just 2 listed on Intel’s website: the GT725 Dominator Pro costing a hefty $3,100 and the MSI Workstation WT72 costing a heftier $5,000. Both come with Nvidia-based GPUs – the GeForce GTX 980 and the Quadro M5000M, respectively.

In addition to the above stated, a lot of MSI’s components and PC’s have gained GeForce GTX VR Ready Stickers; you can find these graphics cards, laptops and desktops listed.

“MSI believes that VR can change the way of gaming and will certainly play an important role in the future,” the company said on its blog on Tuesday.


“As a market leader, MSI welcomes and encourages innovators to participate in the development process and to work together to further perfect this technology.”

Developers and manufacturers interested in jumping on board with MSI to move VR forward can join its cooperation program.

To cap it all, it is shrewd of MSI to attach with PC industry majors such as Intel, Nvidia and HTC Vive to get its products verified for VR. However, it appears that there is a surplus of such platforms. Pity the non-tech-savvy that are attempting to make sense out of all these certification and logo.

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