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How Multi-Perspective VR Games Can Blow Your Mind

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Final Approach is a typical item on any list if one were to ask HTC Vive’s community their recommendation for games that’d go well with the device. Well, Final Approach is currently among the finest games available on VR but is easily ignored because it doesn’t particularly distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. It is an air traffic control tactical gameplay (check it out at Steam Store).

Game Revolution

It is unforgettable the first time one plays this title, the preview pictures on the Steam Store doesn’t come close to really portraying what the actual gameplay looks like in VR. One gets the feeling like the room suddenly morphs into a humid Shangri-la with choppers and airplanes hovering around you. A concrete feedback in the form of a haptic vibration will be received in an attempt to touch the characters or items in the game which happens to be the first response of all first-time players of the game.

Game Revolution

Playing aerial-god…
Gamers have attested to feeling somewhat like an air traffic deity with the game’s ability to give first and third person perspective and also to carefully decide what happens to whom before dashing off to the rescue…and ‘whom’ here refers to the aerial vehicles gliding about the player. You can stand up and view the world below you or stoop down and enlarging (by zooming in) any individual plane and examine it, and all these in a full, crisply colored 3D environment. It’s like being a child again with lots of toys, only this time your imagination is no longer imagined!


In Final Approach, even the most naïve dealings are awesome, like several other titles in virtual reality. Takeoffs, landing, directing vehicles to facilities for storage or repair, basically the ability to guide aerial traffic to their last stop is all within your power. Honestly, this title isn’t the type that fits a typical flat gaming monitor; virtual reality actually brings out the true beauty of this game.

Game Revolution

Outside that, unlike most virtual reality titles that are currently accessible, Final Approach is set with numerous missions to be accomplished in different settings causing a complete cycle of gameplay to last between four to six hours.

This game holds great potential for forthcoming stratagems-type game in virtual reality. It is a lot more instinctive and enjoyable to relate to in virtual reality environment. Currently, this one of the most alluring titles to be found on Steam Store and there’s no better VR tech to play it with than HTC Vive.

Game Revolution

However, not to accord it a total five star rating, Final Approach is not 100% perfect. Particularly, it becomes monotonous and greatly depends on it diverse locales to keep it interesting and renewed. But, in the light of title that serves as a launch opportunity on HTC’s first-gen gadget, it is an admirable accomplishment, one worthy of note; probably more exciting than anything you might have played on Wii U and/or PlayStation 4. It should definitely be applauded.

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