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Why You Need Virtual Reality

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Brands are trying out VR in experiments, notable among them is the NBA, which shows a 360 degree game footage, Ford designs its vehicle interiors using VR technology and Marriott Hotels loans guests VR headsets so they can take “tours” of exotic destinations. Altberg believes, by the year 2020, VR companies will be generating more than $150 billion dollars yearly revenues- and you may want to join in now.


I think this is a little speculative? I don’t even know people that have a VR headset.

That is bound to change very soon. VR has huge business potentials. A company can interact with its remote staff as if they are all in one room, a carmaker can offer test drives without getting in a real car, real estate brokers can take buyers on walkthroughs of entire buildings and even trainee medical professionals can simulate situations before they happen.


Nice, but how do I know if VR is really worth it for me?

Yes, they are. It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in, there’s always a place for virtual reality in it. Say you are into architecture, interior design or product design, you’ll deal with 3-D environments and spatial relationships with VR can greatly augment. What if you have employees that require expensive, rigorous and potentially dangerous training in fields like medicine, handling heavy equipment, handling hazardous materials or product installations? VR could lighten the burden for you. And what if you have prospective customers you meet face to face with on a regular basis; VR might save a you a great deal on travel expenses.

So where could I start?

First, you need to check your budget. Custom VR content is not being produced by many companies as it is pretty expensive. There’ll be artists to hire, videographers, software engineers and so on. We could be talking $1 million and up. However, do not despair, VR is here to stay and it won’t be costly forever. In the early days of the internet, people had to spend a fortune to get one. Not anymore.


How far away are we from the VR boom?

We aren’t very far anymore. New industries are taking to it. The smartphone makers are quickly adopting and in a few years’ time, VR would be available everywhere, far more impressive and relatively cheaper.

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