Netflix to Resurrect Old Video Stores Using Virtual Reality

Netflix Planning to Bring Back Video Stores via Virtual Reality

Video Stores

Gone are the days when people will have to actually go to a brick-and-mortar building to rent movies printed on physical media if they wished to watch them at home. Some of the younger generations may not be familiar with something like this, but way back in the day (about 10 years ago), you had to actually go to a video store to get a movie to watch at home. If people found it difficult to return them on time, even a day late, you’ll have to pay extra.

Then there comes the rise of Netflix. The streaming service’s emergence put such establishments out of business. Nevertheless, some lovers of movies are still clinging onto the misguided nostalgia for blockbuster video and the likes.

And now as fate would have it, the same entity that destroyed the video stores may be planning to bring it back in virtual reality.

Netflix Aims to Bring Back Video Stores with the Help of Virtual Reality

It all started on the Hack Day, a common practice within the Netflix establishment where employees propose and design new Netflix features. Many of the new features, if found to plausible, would later be being officially added to the service. In this year “hack day” event, one of the employees came up with a virtual reality video store that imitates the mom-and-pop stores from decades ago. All the categories people have come to love are now lined up on virtual shelves where users can pick them up and play them by throwing them to the wall.

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Oculus Go with Netflix

It is understandable that the virtual video store as it is now is still pretty rough being that it was all hacked together in a single day, but it was agreed by everyone that it was a fun, cheeky idea to reintroduce the video stores. Or in your own opinion, what do you think? Are you also excited about the prospect? Would you like to see Netflix create the virtual reality video store concept further beyond what it used to be? If Netflix is able to add a virtual claw machine, stale popcorn and a mysterious yet ultimately disappointing “adults only” section, many people will key into the new concept.

Netflix VR Store

The new VR experience will come with new insights, and people can find comfort in the fact that they do not need to think of timely return of the movies or being charged extra fees. Gone was the crazy time. Now lovers of movies can sit at home while enjoying their movies just the way it was before Netflix came. As fate would have it, the irony of bringing back the video store through virtual reality by Netflix (who took it away in the first place) will be highly welcome.

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