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Virtual Reality Now Used as Tool to Measure Brain Activity During Surgery

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Neurosurgeon Uses Virtual reality is turning out to be progressively helpful with regards to the therapeutic field, and specialists in France have paid attention. At Angers University Hospital in western France, doctors utilized a VR headset to outline patient’s minds amid surgery to evacuate a tumor toward the end of last month. The patient was awake during the common procedure in which specialists utilized a virtual environment to map the different zones of the brain. Mapping and checking neural associations in specific territories weren’t effectively achieved in the operation room until now.

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Neurosurgeon Philippe Menei said, “By totally controlling what the patient sees and hears, we can put him in situations that allow us to do tests on certain connections that were not possible before”.

In this specific case, it was critical for specialists to precisely screen the patient’s vision as the tumor had as of now been in one eye. To analyze the mind’s responses, the surgical group made a virtual environment without one focus and employed “luminous objects” within the patient’s peripheral vision.

The outcomes were great as the patient’s still able to see a few weeks after surgery even though the tumor was right in the patient’s eye. These doctors are planning on using this same virtual reality set up in the future when they have patients who have tumors that impact the part of the brain that controls vision.

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