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New Company Takes Stress of Home Buying Away with VR

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Searching for a home can be very stressful, especially in London, UK. In order to find a property that doesn’t involve a sleeping bag in a person’s family room or a shed in the backyard, there’s work to be done to find the right home.


Movebubble Will Go To The Homes For You And Film in VR

Now think if you could have someone else do the work of finding and viewing homes while you sit back and hangout on your couch. Well if you’re in London, with Movebubble, you can now do this. Movebubble is a virtual property viewing services app that enables you to view the homes you want to view on your computer or even your cell phone as somebody else does the work of traveling from property to property and hearing from all of the real estate agents at each property. They’re simply filming the homes on their phones for you to view. And in the case that you schedule a home that ends up being a bad home, no worries, you didn’t have to go view it yourself.

Beyond video games: How virtual reality is transforming real estate – GeekWire Geekwire

The company is currently offering two different packages. One of the packages is a one hour version that gives you a personal ‘property PA’ that travels to up to four homes on their moped. The other package is a half hour service which gives you up to four assistants each of whom will broadcast a different property while you’re able to view each of them. 

If or when you find the home of your dreams, you can have the Movebubble team member submit the offer for you or get you the information as to what you need to do next to obtain the home.

The app is set to launch in June on and prices start at just about 49 euros (about $55).

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