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New Disney Movies VR App Lets You Explore the Exciting World of Disney Films

Disney Movies VR App

Virtual reality has become the trend nowadays. We see it everywhere, being used in many different fields that range from entertainment to news, travel, even education, and healthcare. And now the film industry is all set to take advantage of the potential this product of technology comes with.

Introducing the Disney Movies VR App

Disney continues to expand, recently reaching a new height with the release of Disney Movies VR app on Steam. The Disney Movies VR app is described as a “fully immersive Disney experience,” where viewers can go to themed worlds including those made by Marvel and Lucasfilm. Viewers can also interact with the characters from different movies such as The Jungle Book, Captain America, and Star Wars.

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Disney Movies VR

The Disney Movies VR will work seamlessly with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and it can be downloaded free of charge.

The app was launched rather quietly complete with a video on the app’s Steam page that shows a firework display in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland. It will all be interactive with characters from the Jungle Book and will feature scenes showing Jakku from Star Wars: The Force Awakens or the Helicarrier from MCU flying over the Avengers Tower.

Reviews on the App

The idea behind the Disney Movies VR app is a wonderful one, but early reviews have been mixed.

Redditors are saying that the app mainly consists of 360-degree videos that are in not as immersive as an actual virtual reality content. On the other hand, reviews on the Steam page state that the user interface of the app is very user-friendly and that it has been a good experience overall.

Disney VR

Experts say that the release of the Disney Movies VR only implies that top players in media such as Disney can finally take a plunge into virtual reality, marking what could be a wave of high-quality that a lot of people will enjoy.

Star Wars fans may be disappointed with the Disney Movies VR app, but a better virtual reality experience will be available soon enough. Industrial Light and Magic tested Trials on Tatooine, where players assume the role of a young Kylo Ren as they fight with light sabers and marvel at the Millennium Falcon.

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