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New Job Opportunities Through VR

Job Opportunity

You can build your own world and also view/immerse yourself in a new world, a new dimension. VR used to seem like science fiction but now it’s starting to seem much more real, for lack of a better word. Real as in, VR is really happening. Products are being released, VR companies are being funded and industries are starting to take notice.


I.T. Coordinator, Lori Walljasper, said, “We used to struggle with it, but now I think it has arrived.”

There are going to be a lot of VR inventions whether they be through new games, new films, new products, new services and more.

While the Oculus Rift may look unique or some may even say “cool”, it’s more than just a device. And all VR headsets represent more than just a device. VR headsets represent a technology (VR) that could potentially disrupt several industries as well as the way people communicate.

Students at Scott Community College are another example of the younger generation getting prepared for the VR movement. They’re learning about VR and 3D models, in class.

maxresdefault (2)

Walljasper said, ”We can work with companies, maybe in their training department.”

If and when businesses are needing help in the form of virtual reality or 3D models, these will be some of the students (or then graduates) that already will know how to supply 3D and VR based services.

Student, Uriah Brock, said, “We’re going to try and teach our classes around that so what we can have real hands-on experience that someone can actually have a job with.”

Virtual reality and 3D jobs are sure to open as the industry begins and continues to grow at a rapid pace.


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