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The New Nokia Ozo Camera; the Best Option for VR Production

Nokia ozo camera

The chief, executive producer of Nokia Technologies, Ramzi Haidamus has outlined his company’s commitment in reestablishing itself by producing new kinds of VR cameras that are specially designed to be used by professionals who work in the media production. Haidamus explains that the VR headset slot is full with companies like Samsung, Sony and HTC manufacturing this apparatus.

In a recent interview with Engadget, he said that the head mounted device was better, but still it will face a lot of competition in the business enterprise. Nokia merchandises Ozo as a perfect fit for VR provision due to the camera high yielding power. Since it can create 3D audio and video, live monitoring and streaming, and also produces automatic stitching. With this wide activity, will acquire the highest place in the upcoming Finnish company.

Haidumus also emphasizes that the head-mounted displays will be accessed in the market within a short time because his company has put a lot in place so much as to make the production of Ozo a success. The high quality VR camera is able to solve problems that the VR content creators might currently experience. He also notes that the Ozo has the capability to do a live monitoring off a live action being produced. Time is utilized well, since producers who used the other existing VR gadgets had to wait until the action is finished so as to view it hence wasting a lot of time editing again.

Nokia’s VR cameras consist of 8 cameras, each having an ability to make high quality video clips in 2k in 2k coverage. Eight microphones are connected to the cameras in a smooth manner with their positioning, making Ozo to record well regardless of the environment it’s subjected in. Another perfect function that Ozo can perform is to merge object-based audios into a perfect mix with by combining RF tags and microphones fitted on the actors.

The cameras are fitted with 500 gigabyte SSD and a battery which has a high life span which help producers use them for a longer period of time before changing the cartridges will allow the processes to run smoothly without any interferences.

Ozo VR cameras measure about 10.4 by 6.7 by 6.3 inches and has an Aluminum alloy structure making it weigh around 9.3 pounds. Since VR was launched, it has acquired the names like year one because players have the ability to expand their enterprises.

Haidamus also noted that his company is working with the 20th century fox which uses VR in most of its production, but he refused to comment about any other companies that are working with his company.
It has emerged that the Finnish company has moved from being a global Smartphone manufacturer to encouraging professional film producers to invest more in Ozo cameras from them.


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