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The New Virtual Reality Advisor: Kevin Spacey

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Kevin Spacey is a great name in the world of film. He’s an actor and theater director where he has several roles full of stunts and gunfire. He has no need to worry about what goes around his surroundings, but he invests every bit of his time and money in doing legitimate acts he loves. He is a tech evangelist. He has been the part of the first streamed TV series and also stars as the villain in video games as well. Now that it is the era of virtual reality, Kevin Spacey has become an advisor at a VR startup.


This is what Kevin Spacey’s side job is. It is not praised nearly as much as his acting or directing on films as many people don’t even know about it. But in the James Harding interview from Davos 2016, Kevin Spacey’s interest in the world of virtual reality became clear.

Kevin Spacey in his own words has said, “I am a believer. I’ve been very fortunate to go and see, right up to very recently, where it all is. And I think it’s going to be revolutionary for a whole lot of reasons. First of all, let’s just think about sports […] Imagine that you can buy a ticket to be on the sidelines of a live football match while it’s happening, and be able to go… [He mimes looking around] That’s going to happen. There’s no doubt. Or a concert, that’s going to happen. Paul McCartney did a VR thing last year. Beck did one. Quite remarkably you’re so close to the stage you literally feel you’re there.


I think [virtual reality] will end up being the natural home for capturing the living theater. Because finally we can take a three dimensional experience and retain it as a three dimensional experience. I think it will work in film. Maybe not an entire film, but I think we should try and see if there are five sequences in a movie where that device, whatever it’s going to be… I don’t think it’s going to be this forever. [He mimes a large headset over his face] This reminds me of the first cell phones. I think it’s going to be quite simple, much simpler as time goes by. But I also think of [virtual reality] in terms of education. I mean, the classroom is probably the single space that we all know that hasn’t change at all since the beginning of time. It’s a chalkboard, seats, and a teacher up front. But imagine if we can bring the best teachers in the world into that classroom. And a student can put on a headset and suddenly be at the bottom of the ocean studying science. Or be in the Globe Theater watching actors rehearsing in the 16th century. Or be in the Sydney Opera House while a concert is happening.”


Spacey claims the whole idea of virtual reality is so fascinating as people can walk in other people’s shows in a way by using virtual reality technology. That also means that ordinary people will be able to (in a way) live the life of a celebrity. In addition to those possibilities virtual reality opens up a variety of opportunities through video games and videos. He believes the concept can bring more life into films and videos by bringing normal TV screens closer to reality as VR makes the people watching feel as though they’re in the screen.

Also, Spacey reiterated VR designer Chris Milk’s words which called virtual reality an “empathy machine”. In other words, VR is going to help companies create the empathy emotion in people. That’s something that companies have spent many millions of dollars trying to do through different ads, so if that’s right, then there is another reason why VR could be so huge as it evolves.

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