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Lucid VR is the latest virtual reality company to raise a substantial amount of money. The company raised $2.1 million and partnered with Wistron, a Taiwanese manufacturer. They’re creating a 180-degree virtual reality camera called the LucidCam.

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LucidCam is a small pocket sized VR camera. It obtains 3D VR footage essentially as your eyes would view the world. Lucid VR is hoping to be a big player in virtual reality as the virtual reality industry is expected to reach $30 billion if not much more, by the year 2020, this according to Digi Capital, a tech advisor. This camera is going to be competing with Facebook’s Surround 360 camera which is a high end camera that was announced by Facebook recently at their F8 conference.

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The price of the LucidCam is $400 and one of the cool features it that you’re able to instantly view the footage that’s captured. You can view the footage on cell phones utilizing a VR headset such as the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. Lucid VR received the funding from Lab360, TEEC Angel Fund, S2 Capital, Wistron, 17 Miles Technology and a slew of angel investors as well. The investment along with the partnership with Wistron manufacturing is enabling Lucid VR to deliver the reasonably priced VR camera to the mass consumers. Previously, it took tons of money and many hours working to develop 3D images and videos. However, now, anybody is able to do it with the click of a button.

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Han Jin, cofounder and CEO of Lucid VR, said, “LucidCam brings people together across the world by capturing incredible immersive experiences in VR, the same way as your eyes see them, and which can be easily shared with friends and family within seconds. With our relationship with Wistron we will be developing a beautifully designed and engineered camera that is going to surpass our original plans. We are very excited to announce that we will be upgrading our backers with a first production version of the LucidCam with double the resolution and frame rate, in addition to extended batter capacity. The viewing experience in VR headsets will be so much smoother with 2K and 60 frames per second.”

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As for Facebook’s open source camera, Han Jin said, “LucidCam is a pocket-size device similar to the shape and size of an iPhone 4 which makes it easy to take it anywhere and capture anything. Also the Facebook 360 camera costs $30,000 vs. LucidCam at $399. Our file sizes of less than 80 megabytes per minute are very small making it easier to share with anyone. No post-production processing makes it easy to capture and watch within seconds.” LucidVR received it’s first round of funding through crowdfunding in December 2015. Wistron is now taking over the manufacturing and the first LucidCam’s are expected to be delivered towards the middle or end of 2016. People who are semi professional photographers or videographers or anybody period, can obtain 3D experiences pretty easily.

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Developers of VR games are able to create environments that are life like and entrepreneurs can change industries by pushing businesses forward by utilizing VR content. The LucidCam’s technology was developed over the past few years by Jin, his co founder and the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Adam Rowell. Adam went to Stanford University and obtained his doctorate degree in electrical engineering. LucidCam is an expensive 3D camera for Hollywood films, except it’s not expensive and it fits in your pocket.

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Also, there’s no long post production process as the footage is automatically ready and viewable once it’s captured. The camera utilizes binocular lenses in order to develop depth and peripheral vision. It also utilizes two microphones that help to mimick people’s ears and eyes. The camera has a 180 degree field of view and enables the user to easily film by just holding the camera and the camera obtains all of the footage. If you want to create a 360 degree 3D footage then that requires 3 LucidCam cameras.

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