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This New VR Game Made in the Light of Star Wars Chess

star wars chess


Virtual reality for all of its impressive capabilities is still being explored ad utilized in so many different ways. A lot of focus is on making the technology a futuristic dream come true but it can also be used to relive events of the past.

One of the many ways in which new technologies will help future realties is through entertainment. We have seen Six Flags put their virtual reality experiences on a roller coaster. The question now is what if past experiences can come to life? Especially with movie effects. One of such effects from the movies that will be resurrected, so to speak, is the all-time favorite, Star Wars. This was made possible hugely because of Phil Tippet, the movie guru who worked on so many AAA movie titles.

There’s a scene in Star Wars, “Let the Wokie Win” scene as it is called where a new hope with holographic chess long was owned by the Hollywood prop magic. In this scene, Luke Skywalker is getting to know and understand the light saber with Chewbacca and r2-D2 sitting by playing ‘battle chess’ with monsters. In a short discussion with Han Solo and C-3PO, R2-D2 is enjoined to lose the game.


The movie prop used here was created by Phil Tippet and it was made up of two 35 millimeter films that were overlays into one. The first film contained the prop footage and the other one had the actual main footage in it. For a very long time, the prop was looking more ancient until the launch of VR and AR headsets from companies such as HTC, Oculus, Magic Leap and a host of others. Phil’s company Tippet Studios collaborated with happy Giant to launch Hologrid: Monster Battle. Working alongside Phil on this project are Mike Levine and Bob Driscoll.

Same as Phil, Mike Levine is one of the industry legends from the golden era of these incredible titles and studios that worked on titles such as Sam & Max, Full Throttle, Star Wars and a host of many others. Perhaps the best title Mike Levine worked on was his team up with Steven Spielberg in The Dig. If you are a game developer or a story content creator, when you see The Dig, it is something quite impressive.

Right now in the 21st century, there is no limit to what we can achieve and The HoloGrid: Monster battle promises to be an epic one. It is hoped that the game will be released in time for the 2016-2017 San Diego Comic-Con. This will be one of the major mixed reality titles. The game is currently on Kickstarter to raise funds and having just received one-quarter of the funds they need to bring this title to life it remains to be seen how long it will take to make it happen. With or without Kickstarter, a lot of us are already wildly anticipating the arrival of this game into the market.

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