Vuze 3D VR Camera Retailed Cost of $799

New Vuze 3D Virtual Reality Camera to Retail at a Cost Price of $799

Virtual Reality headsets have been considered expensive by many but they do not know that virtual reality cameras even cost more. But the new Vuze 3D virtual reality camera is set to change that. The HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift are the most popular virtual reality headsets available. Amazingly, they are cheaper than most camera choices. The good ones not the cheap ones that shoot wacky images of poor quality. For example, the Nokia Ozo is a professional 360-degree camera that comes at a cost price of $60,000. The Vuze 3D was announced early this year and consumers have been looking forward to it as it provides a great balance between cost and quality.

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When HumanEyes announced the 360-degree 3D camera called Vuze, they call it the world’s first camera with a pedigree of being compact and targeted at consumers. Not much details were revealed at that time but no one guessed it would come for a price as low as $799. The only detail they revealed about the pricing was that it was going to be below $1000 which was perceived by many as a good price range.


Features and Pricing of Vuze 3D VR Camera

Preorders for the Vuze would start today at the price of $799. Orders would start to be shipped to customers by fall this year. The Vuze has eight 4k (Full High Definition) cameras which can switch between shooting 2D to 3D effortlessly. The eight lenses peer like binoculars from the four sides of the camera. Since it has eight cameras consumers might worry about the effort one would need to blend all the images together. But not to worry though as HumanEyes has made that possible for consumers to achieve easily. A push button is the only necessary thing needed to stitch all the images together. The amazing thing is that the Vuze can do all this nearly in real time. For one minute of footage another minute of processing is required.


The output video would be spherical, allowing users to pan around the completed video. Once the footage is complete, the video could be sent to a computer or stored on the camera. This could possibly be the new format for capturing videos at events like weddings, birthdays, sporting events, etc. The Vuze also comes with an optional accessory which could serve as a selfie stick when folded or a stand. The Vuze would support all virtual reality platforms such as the HTC Vive, Facebook Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Sony PlayStation VR and the Google Cardboard. The video can also be viewed on any 3D enabled TV or device.

Most viewers see footage quality as the most important feature of a camera and they won’t be disappointed with what the Vuze has to offer. Consumers have a chance to see how good the camera is for themselves. A short film was captured with the Vuze. The film is being showcased at the Cannes Film Festival. The trailer is available on YouTube and interested consumers can examine the quality of the footage themselves. It’s very good for a camera that comes at a price range of $800.

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