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NextVR Is Bringing the Game to You

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For a typical NFL game on StubHub, tickets could set you back $350, another $60 for parking, $150 for gas, food and drinks and the total cost for your game will be in the region of $550. If you are a sport fan and you crave the stadium live experience but your bank account cannot afford you that experience, you might be able to squeeze in two or three games per season. There are also other cost that may be factored in like baby sitter cost, commuting cost etc. and this figure only keeps rising and you possible game attendance falling.


A probable way out of this would be to watch these games on a large high definition screen at home or in a bar but his option lacks the social experience of being at the stadium to a large extent. Fans who desire this social experience without leaving their homes now have a way out in virtual reality. This is the next best thing. Virtual reality is now reality and it is no longer science fiction as we have seen in movies years ago. This technology is here as a major result of the pioneering efforts of startups all over the world. Virtual reality access is still relatively expensive and like the stadium experience it might not be available or accessible to everybody just yet but in due time this technology will become cheaper and more affordable. The NFL and other leagues have already started beta testing this virtual viewing experience.


NextVR Is Making Strides to Use VR

During the 2015 season, NextVR recorded three of the games and at the super bowl fan experience, the video was available to view in VR from different angles. Those were just recordings but NextVR is already offering live streams. They recently streamed the opening game of the NBA with the Golden State Warriors and they are also working closely with Fox Sports to offer streams of NASCAR.


According to NextVR, 23 patents are already in their name or pending for their VR tech that is mainly focused on content, delivery, transmission and playback. They claim to be “capable of transmitting live high definition, three- dimensional virtual reality content … delivering a completely immersive and life-like experience.”

The StubHub center only seats 27,000 — far too few for an NFL game — and doesn’t seem interested in becoming a temporary hosting site either. Usatfog

Affordability is Key

Just like the ticket prices, the current cost of owning VR headsets is still too expensive for many but it I projected that in the next few years the market will explode and we will start to witness fall in prices. Last week a list of VR startups on Angel list included well over 400 new VR companies with an average valuation of $5.2 million.

The main thing now is that the virtual reality technology is here, its contributions to media, sports, and a variety of other areas is massive and it looks like a true solution for fans who desire the social experience of watching a game live in the stands but cannot afford to pay for it consistently.

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