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Nintendo NX Virtual Reality: Did Nintendo Miss The Boat On Virtual Reality?


The Nintendo NX is most likely going to be launched soon, quite possibly by the 3rd quarter in 2016 or much sooner. And it is almost definitely going to introduce virtual reality from what we’ve heard from Nintendo in the past several times. Nintendo is of the unpopular opinion that the virtual reality technology isn’t there yet and as plenty of other major companies are investing heavily in virtual reality, you begin to wonder if Nintendo has been left behind.

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The Nintendo NX Will Be Fresh but It Won’t Be VR

All of the evidence concerning Nintendo points to a few things: the system will be as powerful as the PlayStation 4 and it will most likely have some kind of handheld, mobile or remote play capability. It also seems like it will be broad compatible with other systems and last but not least, it won’t be virtual reality because Nintendo isn’t ready to go that route.

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With virtual reality increasingly looking like the future of gaming with all of the popular headsets like PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive all actively in the market competing, Nintendo might be left behind after all.

However, the trouble with virtual reality is the high cost of purchase and this will persist for the first few years. The HTC Vive for example is $800 and you still need to tether it to a pretty high end gaming PC for it to work. The PlayStation VR costs $400 but you still need to have the PlayStation 4 itself.

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It is looking less and less likely that Nintendo will release a virtual reality console anytime soon. The prices are way beyond anything the company has ever delved into in recent times. The Wii and Wii U were two of the cheapest consoles of their eras largely because of the underpowered components compared to its competitors. But this disparity in price gave Nintendo a competitive edge and they are not about to lose it.

Nintendo’s selling point was never the specs so that means virtual reality is still a long ways out for Nintendo at least until the prices drop significantly lower than what they are now. Luckily for Nintendo, the high prices of virtual reality also means that most consumers won’t indulge in it either as we are just beginning to see early adoption of virtual reality. It will still be a few years before the technology goes mainstream.


There is Still Hope for Virtual Reality on Nintendo

However, Nintendo hasn’t ruled out virtual reality forever, only for the meantime. Nintendo will first release the Nintendo NX and probably wait to see where the wind blows over the next few years before deciding on virtual reality. When the technology becomes more accessible and affordable, we will probably see Nintendo more actively involved with the technology. So don’t worry that Nintendo NX isn’t virtual-reality based, it just doesn’t matter much right now is all.

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