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Nintendo Virtual Boy Games Integrated with Google Cardboard

Most often than not, the Nintendo ‘s Virtual Boy is used as a horrific warning in write-ups regarding virtual reality. These are the consequences of previous failure which are natural market reactions. It simply falls below expectations. They say “This is what you get when expectations outpace technology,” and “A bulky headset, six months of nonexistent sales, and users complaining of dizziness and neck pain.” However, with the latest boom in VR, development have surpassed these level of failures, and more obvious to the extent that even the Virtual Boy games are now being made more palatable, with a Reddit user (The-King-of-Spain) trying to integrate some of the system’s old titles with Google Cardboard to bring about a new innovation that works better. It is called innovation for better and improved performance.

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In order to achieve optimum performance, the explanation given by the The-King-of-Spain shows that an Android Smartphone is require to get the games up and running. Also needed are vintage emulator RetroArch (including the necessary ROMs) along with some sort of Cardboard-compatible VR headset. Afterward, you will need to tweak the emulator’s settings a little, but what you are going get as the end result is actually going to be pretty smooth. The end result will actually justify the efforts and resources put into it. If you are not clear about the process, see the video below for a better understanding of how it works:
“After about 30 minutes of play time, I’m not experiencing any of the Virtual Boy’s trademark motion sickness,” The-King-of-Spain writes. “There’s also something to be said for playing the games in grayscale instead of the headache-inducing red. It’s pretty cool to see Virtual Boy games in their full stereoscopic glory, but the added depth doesn’t seem to add much value game play-wise.”

No doubt, this article certainly provided a better review compare to what the original Virtual Boy game got, and this might only be a tip of the iceberg compare to things that are yet to come. Later review after the experimental stages will definitely be more interesting and factual given that there will some feedback to use as a case study in the discourse. At the wake of this year, Nintendo made pronouncement that it was researching another VR technology again, despite the fact that the company at the moment was not planning to introduce new products to the market place. This process was meant to perfect the final outcome so that by the time it is being launch, there will be a high confidence of meeting the customer’s expectations.

The process of attaining customer satisfaction might be long and challenging due to occasional lack of predictability in technology. Thus, one of the earliest steps to take will be to place some Virtual Boy titles on the website for visitors to download. Soon, there will be a boom.

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