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Nokia Adds VR Livestreaming to Nokia OZO

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Nokia recently announced that their new VR camera, the Nokia OZO camera has been upgraded with more features. The main new feature is the ability to livestream in virtual reality. The camera is able to record and broadcast virtual reality footage for events that are live so that people who have a virtual reality headset or a 360-degree video player, can watch live.


The camera also now features a virtual reality player SDK and 3D stitching too. Nokia OZO just began shipping to consumers and is one of many VR cameras that’s being released by companies diving into VR.


It’s a pretty small camera that’s shaped like a circle and has several lenses that obtain footage from multiple different angles. The footage is then stitched together which in turn creates one 360 degree video that people can watch and pan around in by using YouTube’s 360-degree video player or by changing their head’s direction as they wear a virtual reality headset.


Nokia OZO is priced at a whopping $60,000 and is really made for virtual reality professionals.

Most people would probably agree that the live virtual reality broadcasting is the coolest new feature and it’s going to be accessible to “selected partners” in the second quarter of 2015 before it’s accessible to more people in the third quarter of 2016.

Nokia presented a demo of live broadcasting in virtual reality while at NAB. The demo showed full 3D virtual reality audio in real time which showed to be very immersive and realistic.


This month OZO Creator is becoming available to assist professionals with 3D virtual reality stitching free of charge which will give them the ability to develop 3D 360 degree videos with a lot less effort and time needed. Nokia’s releasing a VR player SDK in the second quarter of 2016 with the goal of making OZO content accessible on every main VR platform, which because of the SDK, would make developer’s jobs a lot easier.

Watch the video below



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