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Nokia’s Comeback with VR Camera


Nokia is one of the best brands which was known to sell mobile phones at a very purchasable price and could be owned from the upper class to the lower class.

But in 2014, Nokia sold its company to Microsoft. However, now through the Finnish Firm and with the help of Ramzi Haidamus, a Dolby Laboratory veteran, Nokia is coming back into the limelight with a $60,000 VR camera which allows perfect video shots.

Though, the VR camera introduced is being introduced now it has taken a great deal of time and some special hands to create it.

In July 2014, Nokia hired Ramzi Haidamus as the president of Nokia Technology department just before Nokia sold its company and no longer dealt with cell phones. Nokia had hired Ramzi to figure out what they could better to come up with and be something new.

Haidamus states his experience started with a tour in the company’s labs. The only thing that grabbed his attention was the prototype of a VR camera.

Though it took his attention, to him, in his own words it was not extremely appealing.

Haidamus said at the launch of the camera in London that, “It was very ugly. All you saw as eight lenses in the air and a bunch of wires. It looked like a spider with eight eyes.”

Then what seemed a spider with eight legs took a year and a half’s work to come up as the exceptional camera built, that it is.

The Nokia VR camera, is a handy, sleek grey colored camera. It contains all the cameras and microphones in one device. The OZO VR camera is one of a kind.

It is believed that a smaller version will also be introduced, though this may only be sold or rented to professional filmmakers.

Gartner analyst Brian Blau said, there’s a possibility that it could grow quickly, but that could be 5-10 years before it will be ubiquitous.”

He believes people generally go with the Google Cardboard camera which lets the consumer see the whole environment as perfectly as a camera but doesn’t let users fully immerse. However, it is too early to say what people will buy as technology and desires change.

There is only one problem with the camera which was noted at the London launch, that the camera’s transition between scenes was still not too smooth. Haidamus added, “This is our first Nokia product since the phone. We are reinventing ourselves with the product.”

Watch the video below




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