VR Film Studio Felix and Paul Studios Launches Nomads Series

Nomads Series: Felix and Paul Studios Releases VR Docu Films about Human Culture

Nomads series

The 2015 Sundance Film Festival may have come and gone, but the experience will not be forgotten. It was at the festival that VR film studio Felix and Paul Studios gave the world another glimpse into their VR world by debuting the virtual reality documentary film Nomads: Herders.

Felix and Paul Studios Debuts Nomads Series at Sundance

Here’s everything you need to know about the documentary film Nomads: Herders and why it’s worth the watch.

The Studios and the App

Felix and Paul Studios, a Montreal-based Company and an Emmy award winner, released the virtual app that mesmerized audiences and showed the world that their entry into the world of virtual reality wasn’t just a dabble. Nomad: Herders, a virtual reality documentation of a tribe in Kenya Africa- the Maasai.

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Felix & Paul Studios

Herders is part of the studio’s Nomads series. The second short, Nomads: Maasai, chronicles the lives of nomadic herdsmen living along the Great Rift valley in Kenya. It shows the struggles and successes of this tribe as they sojourn toward the modern world and weaves the tale around a society where men are heads of their family units and boys must undergo initiation rites to be warriors. A tribe where women cook, clean, milk the cows, and build the mud thatched houses.

Film crew from Felix and Paul Studios went to Kenya to live the life of the nomadic tribe, and the film was so successful that the studio continued the Nomads series with another 360-degree film, Nomads: Sea Gypsies.

Nomads: Sea Gypsies is a series about the Bajau people of South Asia that fish and hunt for spearfish in the seas and oceans of the continent. It highlights the experiences, hopes, aspirations, and defeats of this tribe. It looks at ways their lifestyle change to adapt to the commercial fishing industries.




Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael, co-founders of Felix and Paul Studies, created and directed the series and filmed the virtual reality films using 360-degree camera, creating a new viewing experience for the audience.

The news website, prweb.com, covered the grand launch of the Nomads at their Montreal-based offices. Nomads are available for download in the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR headset.

Through the eyes of the Maasai in Nomads: Maasai, viewers are put into the enthralling world, and they root for the Maasai to overcome the odds and understand the community’s refusal to give up the rights to their ancestral land. It shows the great migration of the wildebeest across the Mara river that has attracted conservationists, filmmakers, and tourists from across the world.

Lajeunesse said, “The Nomads series has been one of the most creatively challenging and rewarding projects for us. We are always looking to push the boundaries of virtual reality as a medium to create intensely personal experiences.

“VR allows us to learn about these nomadic cultures in a brand new way.”

Raphael believed that Nomads will evoke something in the audience and maybe spur people to visit Kenya and live the life of a Maasai for a period.

Felix and Paul Studios has entertained audiences throughout the world with their spectacular storytelling through cinematic virtual reality.

VR Visionaries

The studio has in their impressive portfolio works that include Nomads series and Strangers. The studio recently launched Striving for Greatness with LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers and Inside Impact: East Africa with the Clinton Global Initiatives. They also have collaborating franchises for Jurassic World, Cirque du Soleil, and Wild.

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