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Nomads and Oculus VR

Oculus VR would like you to be aware that virtual reality can be an avenue for good documentaries and films and its maiden expensive project, Nomads is available for viewing by the general public in Gear VR. Established by Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël , the two are the brains behind VR studio Felix & Paul in Montreal.

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Nomads will introduce you to the three parts of the universe to engross viewers in the basics of strange lifestyle. One can go through the Mongolian steppes in the company of a team of yak herders, go to the Maasai clan in Kenya or go to the Malay Archipelago in the company of Borneo’s Bajau ethnic group.

Chapters of trilogy, which has already been examined at films festivals in the same way as Sundance and Tribeca, are close to 12 minutes each in length. The complete episode is now available exclusively on Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Felix & Paul Studios had an agreement with Oculus to provide VR content ever since last year and so far so good, they have performed well in marketing concept. The two of them has made public a 12-minute 360-degree video presenting to admirers the daily life of LeBron James and his training routine in December. They also provided custom made VR incidents for films such as Jurassic World.


Despite it all, Nomads becomes their earliest job at VR documentary filmmaking. There objective is as Lajeunesse told The Verge in January, “really about making you feel like a part of that community, making you accepted by that community.” The two of them believes that, VR will let you see things that you may never have seen before and not only that, it will also let you sympathize with other people and comprehend their beliefs in different methods that 2D film cannot explain. “We want them to integrate the camera as if it was one of them, so we really believe in that relational perspective,” Lajeunesse said.

“We think of the camera in a very anthropomorphic way.” Truly, Oculus seems to support. The company desires that all film producers should start producing live-action content for their Gear VR and Rift headsets. Presently, VR is believed to be an hot cake for mostly the gaming populace.

Though, the more good art works, such as Nomad that comes, the more everyone that views VR on daily basis sees it in a better way.

That will eventually bring more filmmakers and support VR to blossom.

Max Cohen, Oculus head of mobile said yesterday at a press briefing that a small number of directors are looking at the format feature-length films, and that it might take a little more time for both designers and viewers to totally accept the format.


The company informed that about 1 million people made use of Gear VR headset in the past month, which is a good development. (Oculus did not mention the number of people that have purchased the headset, how in which way that a million figure compares with the earlier month). Though, those that makes use of the Gear VR on daily basis, does that for not less than 25 minutes. The concept of putting on headset for a long time, which is part of how accommodating the people to such content as Nomads and at the end of the day, a two-hour film still remains an open debate.

Watch the video below



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