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North Korea Trying Out VR Technology Development


North Korea’s recently built science technology development center has operating offices for virtual reality (VR) scientific innovation, pictures acquired by NK News indicate, with an up to date report article in a North Korean bulletin affirming the presence of the laboratory.

Virtual reality is a front line userscientific innovation that as a rule consist of dome support showcases that just exactly follow dome and showcase 3D pictures.

A picture made available to NK News display the external area of the test center, with a logo pointing out “Virtual Reality Science Lab.”

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Advanced lecture Chan-Mo Park, an Information Technology specialist and College head of the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) caught sight of a showpiece of the scientific innovation amid the latest awareness expedition of the science-technology development center.

“(The lab) looks geared for secondary school students rather than for experts … They said the lab is being used as a virtual laboratory for physics, chemistry and other experiments,” Park informed NK News.

The very latest publication of the North Korean by the monthly bulletin, DPRK incorporates a many sheet range on the latest research innovation center, and in addition, indicated the VR development center.



“The complex has laboratories for simulation. For example, the one on the second floor can help ordinary people as we as experts do virtual reality experiments. In the lab, you see videos that show the virtual reality technology and its application,” the publication points out.

Pointing out on the other hand, the publication does not show any information of any photos of the technology, showing that it might even now be in the premature or primary phase.

“I saw only one VR Lab and there were many desktop computers … They said the lab will be improved in the future,” Park put in.

Beyond the borders of North Korea, the scientific innovation has just as of late been made business related and profit yielding near reach of people that require this step up revolution. Earphones, earpiece, head phones or stereo head phones is for the most part believed to cost up to $500, not putting into consideration the obligatory and essential  PC necessary to manage and administer them.

The scientific innovation has as far gotten the sharp enthusiasm of a very large portion of the significant scientific innovation big shots, with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple all shown to be at different phases of bringing to existence.

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