Competition of VR Companies Might End Up with Their Games - VR Life

There Is Not Enough VR Games in Gaming Industry

oculus rift

The competition gaming industry is immersing itself in virtual reality…in a way. They are continuing to progress too.

Virtual Reality Games
However, even though there’s a lot of buzz around virtual reality, there’s a competition of other  company yet that has released an entire package of games. Most companies that have released virtual reality games have just released one game or a few games.

Sony is investing heavily into upgrading their VR software. If however, Valve and Oculus release software as good or better than Sony’s, then competition could greatly raise. In turn, they will need to differentiate themselves in the gaming industry and to do that, they may have to release a lot of games in VR. That may not realistically happen until the end of 2016 though, we’ll see.

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