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Not Sure Which VR Headset to Buy? Read This.

HTC Vive

The product of a marriage between Taiwanese tech giant HTC and the video game conglomerate Valve, the HTC Vive is due to ship its initial US orders soon.

htc vive vr reality
Pros: The Vive comes with the capability to read the positioning of your hands and body out of the box for a more inductive experience. You can also get your calls and texts delivered right to this device to keep you a little grounded. Plus, HTC has a camera on the exterior of the headset that should help you feel a little safer in actual reality. Valve’s involvement also gives the Vive great prospects for lots of games in the future.

Cons: This is overly expensive, especially once you factor in the cost of a computer to actually run it. You also have to make a bit of space for the Vive, as it takes a lot of memory and its room sensors to fully enjoy all the walking around that the Vive allows for.

Oculus Rift

After an anticipated wait, late last year Oculus opened its pre-orders for the Rift headset, the initial orders of which are expected to arrive for their US customers any day now if not already.

Pros: Quality is the Rift’s biggest detail and it looks like it will hold up. The Facebook-owned company should receive credit for bringing back the idea of virtual reality just recently, and it has extremely excited its users and game designers alike. It’s also been working diligently to deliver a proper, immersive experience, without making you become queasy.

Cons: Overly expensive as to be expected. The Rift will cost over $500 when it reaches USA, not counting the price of a proper computer to run it, or the cost of its forthcoming controllers, which will let you utilize your hands while in the digital world.

Buy if: You want quality over all else.

Samsung Gear VR

Pros: This is your budget option, you may end up sacrificing a bit of quality but if you’re looking for one you might as well go for it just to check them out. It runs off a smartphone rather than a console or computer. You cannot get more efficient than that.

samsung reality
Cons: You lose quality because that’s what you get when you drop the price of something but at the same time you also get a decent entry level product while it won’t offer all the beautiful side projects the higher end projects can offer it will still give you a chance to gain some knowledge on a device.

Buy if: You’re watching your budget and are okay with some smaller and less than significant experiences.

Sony Playstation VR (PS VR)

Sony’s virtual reality headset is launching in the US in October.

sony vr headset
Pros: It’s actually cheaper than the others listed in comparison. The PS VR works with the Sony PlayStation 4, which may be sitting in your home now. Even if it’s not, it’s still a lot less in price than the amped up computers that you’d need to run some of the PS VR’s top grade competitors. And with Sony behind the wheel, you can probably expect that there will be good things to play and still too come on the way, thanks to the company’s relationships with game developers and movie makers.

Cons: This is overly expensive for what you’re getting. I would expect them to just come out with a new version of the play station gaming system in hopes of selling more units, especially once you factor in the cost of a computer to actually reality run it. You also have to make a bit of space, as it takes a lot of memory and its room sensors to fully enjoy all the walking around that it allows for.

Buy if: Only if you have a PlayStation already.

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