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Now You Can Experience Solitary Confinement with Virtual Reality

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In this article, all your questions about virtual reality will also be answered. The most popular questions asked are what is virtual reality? Is it safe? Is it compatible with your phone? All of these and more will be answered and everything you need to know about this solitary confinement project will be presented to you.


The 6×9 Project and Solitary Confinement

First of all, the project is tagged 6×9 and it is a virtual reality experienced created by the Guardian that lets you know what it is like to be in solitary confinement. This virtual reality places you in a virtual cell and it tells the story of the psychological damage that extended and extreme isolation can lead to. From recent statistics, an estimated 80,000 people are currently in solitary confinement in the US and they spend 90 percent of the day in their cells with minimal human contact for long periods of time.


Virtual Reality and Google Cardboard

For those of you who do not know, virtual reality is a computer generated simulation of real life as we know it in a 3D rendered virtual environment with which you can interact with the help of specialized electronic equipment called virtual reality headsets. The popular headsets today are the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard. The Google Cardboard is the cheaper alternative of the aforementioned ones. It is made from cardboard with plastic lenses and by inserting your smartphone into the cardboard, you can watch a piece n virtual reality. With this Google cardboard you can experience the Guardian 6×9 project.



You can also view the piece directly through the app n your phone without the VR headsets. You will have to move your phone around as the images on the screen move around. This is referred to as magic window. The draw back here is that you will not get the full immersive experience of virtual reality with headsets and it is better you watch the piece with the Google Cardboard.


How to Experience 6×9 on Your Phone

To experience 6×9 on your smartphone, follow these steps:

First download the free Guardian app for android or for iPhone from their respective app stores.

Start the app, plug in your headphones and turn up the volume.

If you are using the Google Cardboard, select the cardboard option and insert your smartphone into the viewer.


If you don’t have the Google Cardboard, then you can select the magic window option and look around the cell by moving your device

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still get to experience 6×9. You can do this with your computer as a 360-degree video. Go to theguardian.com/solitary-vr. And when you start watching, click and drag around the video to view the full 360 degree view.

On a Final Note

You should also note that the content of the 6×9 project can be a little disturbing so you might want to prepare yourself emotionally before watching. You don’t want to go in without an inkling as to what to expect. Also if you start to feel sick or nauseous during the show, you should try sitting down or taking a break altogether.

Watch the video below



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