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Now With VR You Can Feel What It’s Like to Be 80 Years Old

virtual reality aging suit

Billions of dollars are being funded to enable engineers and scientists to seek out ways to reverse the aging process. Genworth Financial is going a different route.

Have you ever helped take care of someone whose old? It was probably hard for you to understand what it was like to be in their body from a physical and mental standpoint.

Genworth Financial provides long term care to it’s clientele. They wanted to find a way to show their clients how they might feel as they get older. So what did they do? They built the R70i Aging Suit, or in other words, a virtual reality body suit. The suit is able to make someone 80 years old in just a couple minutes.

Damn Geeky

The suit is currently at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey as a part of an exhibition that is going on until April 10th. People who have tried it said that it’s crazy how well it works. It essentially acts as an exoskeleton by using multi sensory stimulation that will make even a very fit young person feel 80 years old. The headset utilizes augmented reality to give a person that normally has 20/20 vision, cataracts or glaucoma while also messing with the user’s hearing by adding ringing noises, muffling some sounds and more.

To simulate the experience of aphasia, headphones and microphones play the user’s own words back to them in a slow delayed way. The suit can simulate arthritis and muscle loss as well while at the same time, altering the users range of motion.

Digital Trends

Many people who have tried the R70i Aging suit, have said that they were surprised with how well it worked as you become completely immersed as though you were many years older, all within just a few minutes.

It’s safe to say, the people who try on the suit will probably respect old people a bit more.

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