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NVIDIA Release Iray Technology for Virtual Reality

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NVIDIA (NVDA) released a virtual reality hardware and software graphic solution for virtual reality creators at the GTC conference this year.

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There’s a lot coming for consumers also. The company showed its Everest VR demo at the GTC conference. In order to develop the VR experience, they used 108 billion pixels with 10 million polygons that were obtained from over 14,000 mountain images.

They also showed their Mars 2030 VR on 2 GeForce GTX Titan X cards. NVIDIA plans on pushing virtual reality past gaming and into additional applications like medicine, architecture and tourism among others. NVIDIA’s CEO, Jen Hsun Huang said at the conference that virtual reality has massive potential to grow since it’s not just a gaming technology, but rather it’s a novel computing platform.

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The company wants to go past the realistic experience and develop real experiences. They released their Iray VR and Iray VR Lite technologies at the GTC Conference as well. The Iray VR technology makes realistic photos by rendering the physical aspects of materials and light. The technology creates 100 probes showing how light moves, all while in 4K resolution. It also allows the user to watch scenes with more realistic lighting that’s based on the direction that the person is in, in the virtual environment.


It’s not possible to have real time rendering for these realistic frames since it can take up to an hour to develop a photorealistic room on a system that’s 8 GPU.

Iray VR Lite creates 100 light probes and renders pixels from all views, after that it shows the user a realistic environment that’s based on real time. The Iray VR and Iray VR Lite are set to be released in June of this year.


Digi Capital predicts that the augmented reality industry is going to reach $90 billion and the virtual reality industry is going to reach $30 billion…by the year 2020.

Asia (AAXJ) is set to be a big part of the market as competition increases in China.

Some of the other companies that have been starting to gear initiatives towards virtual reality and/or augmented reality, are Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), NVIDIA, Intel (INTC) and Qualcomm (QCOM).

Road To VR

Education is the next part of virtual reality that NVIDIA has their eyes on.

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