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Oculus Buyers Offered a Refund for Late Delivery

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Oculus is offering it’s customers a shipping refund if they pre-ordered the Oculus Rift. Many customers that ordered, expected the headset to be delivered on March 28th, but many are still waiting. There was an unplanned parts shortage that has led to the delays that many customers have experienced. What this means is that there will be deliveries coming, but they will not be happening until around April 12th. The founder of Oculus commented that he had no additional information to share, but was hoping to have it out to everyone soon. The CEO of Oculus, Palmer Luckey, commented that he had personally delivered one headset to a client in the past week and that it was a glorious experience. There was a video that was taken of the handing over that was taped and then displayed on Facebook.


The CEO of Oculus says that he takes full responsibility for the shortage but that there was no way that it could be avoided. He further commented that he took all of the blame for the issues and ensured that there would not be a continued issue with supplies.


The History of Oculus

Oculus was a small startup in California that had a dream of being able to have a huge international footprint. They were acquired by Facebook who decided that together they would be able to revolutionize the world and begin to bring VR to the masses. What that means is that their have been many new headsets that have been introduced in the past year and that there are many new headsets that are coming. Many of the enthusiasts who thought that VR would never make it onto the main stage are now seeing that it is very possible to make sure that this is not the case and that there are many ways now to have this new technology at the disposal of the public.


The history of VR is something that cannot be denied, but the future is much more active than ever considered in the past by others. There will be a continual progression of new technologies that will continue to revolutionize the market and each vendor will be bringing their local take on the technology as well as on the progress that is being made.

Oculus was the first of these technologies to suffer a setback in the way that it was not able to produce with the correct level of demand. However, as this technology is rolled out all over the world, they will not be the last as they are able to have access to many new innovations. Virtual reality is becoming main stream over time and that means that there will be many people who are captivated by the technology and who love everything about it. Setbacks like slow delivery of VR headsets can hurt the industry, but shouldn’t be crippling by any means.


The VR technology is making its way into games, other solutions and other technologies. There has never been a better time for companies and investors all over the world to focus now on working with others to create new games as the industry continues to expand. There will be a huge future in the market as it continues to grow and evolve. Technology is changing every moment and that means that it will continue to grow and change. However, it’s important that moving forward, VR companies do their best to correctly estimate demand so that they can supply their products to consumers quickly after they launch.

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