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Oculus Inventor Describes How Virtual Reality Can Make You Puke

Palmer Luckey

A number of manufactures have fully embraced VR, one of them being Oculus. If you’re a first time user of VR, you could potentially have an awful experience such as feeling nauseous.


Oculus inventor, Palmer Luckey, explains 3 ways in which VR can make people sick.

Virtual Reality manufacturers have failed to establish how to control acceleration. Since VR makes a person feel like they are moving in a desired speed. However, when that changes, one tends to feel like puking. So one is advised to stop immediately so as to avoid this.

The second factor that brings this about is how one handles the cameras. Since VR controls your ability to see, as opposed to when one is viewing the common screens. Most common games give the controller an ability to change the direction using the camera. But if you try that with the VR how you maneuver doesn’t connect with your ability to stay put. And when this occurs, one can feel sick.

 Going round in circles can make one feel unwell when using VR. Since your sight says you’re moving in circles but your ability to balance says otherwise. This experience is confusing unlike when one is using a camera that can be adjusted.


Watch the video below



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