VR for Good: Oculus Introduces New Program for Organizations and Students

Oculus Launches a New Initiative, ‘VR for Good’

VR for Good

Oculus just announced their new initiative, VR for Good. The company owned by Facebook expects that this new initiative will assist nonprofit organizations and societies to utilize virtual reality as a means to distribute, share, and disseminate important information to a wider audience. This new program is a very welcome initiative in the VR world, and it is very likely going to be a huge success and yield a lot of positive results.

What Is Oculus’s New Program VR for Good All About?

VR for Good is expected to spread across two programs. Here’s what we know so far.

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This latest initiative from Oculus will have two separate programs that are complementary in design. The first one is the 360-degree filmmaker’s challenge for students. This one will witness nine San Francisco Bay Area high schools teaming up with experts in the field to create short 360-degree VR videos that talk about their community, with all the required hardware and software.

The second one is a 360 getaway for nonprofits, which is similar in some ways but brings together ten filmmakers into Facebook’s headquarters to collaborate with ten nonprofit organizations for a ten-day period. All these collaborations and partnerships are geared toward cooperation and sharing of knowledge and expertise. Oculus and everybody behind VR for Good hopes the program will ultimately benefit all the parties involved.



True Potential of VR

This shows that Oculus and Facebook are following in the stead of Mark Zuckerberg’s belief that virtual reality is rife with a wider potential for impact on everyday routine. VR for Good is geared towards this rather than having you sit in a virtual cockpit. Virtual reality has a lot more to offer than just putting the viewer in one spot enjoying a movie or playing a video game. It has come to be very diverse in the areas in which it can be applied, and this initiative is one of the major ways VR technology can continue to be harnessed for positive growth.

VR Headset

In a blog post, Oculus said about the program, “Virtual reality has unlimited potential for gaming and entertainment, but it’s also a powerful way to drive important social change. Filmmakers everywhere see this and are pushing the boundaries of cinematic VR to tell stories with an impact. There’s also a large community of nonprofit organizations eager to embrace VR as a tool to raise awareness for causes in need of a voice.”

You can visit Oculus’s official website for more information about VR for Good.

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