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Oculus Rift is Officially Available 

Oculus rift

Oculus has started distributing the Oculus Rift devices this week for the customers who had ordered earlier. Other consumers will have to wait until June or July due to the high volume of sales. The Oculus Rift will cost around $500, a price which places it between its two main rivals. It will cost more than the Playstation VR bundle that will be released this fall. This will cost less than the HTC Vive which will be released in April. With that price, the consumer will get an Xbox one controller, a little remote control, some free bundle software and a 3D game.

Oculus Touch controllers will be combined with the Rift but they haven’t been released yet and consumers assume that they will probably cost more. It will also come in a very cool box.

The Oculus Rift possesses a clean 3D effect which is combined with visual fidelity and a high screen refresh rate. The people who will get the most from this VR device are the ones who had ordered earlier.

You won’t look fashionable once you have worn the VR headset. It has been a fashion statement for most users, but it’s not as bulky and weird look at other headsets. One will look like a soldier wearing a night vision glasses once they have worn it.

The Oculus Rift starts running the moment one has plugged it into the PC. The Rift’s operating services will come to life before the user’s eyes and the sensors will inform you once you have put on the headset. Each Rift session starts in a virtual room that’s in a home with a fireplace in the corner and art on the walls. There will be a pointer in the center of your view and you’re able to manage games and browse the store among other features, just by looking at them and hitting specific buttons on the Oculus remote. It will be easy to check your friends list, shop a new game or even visit the store. Software which is yet to be launched will be able to improve and expand these experiences. The headset will be taken of an placed down once a person is done playing. It will shut down and one will be able to use their PC normally.

Rift also takes a small amount of space and is very easy to use. When you connect it to the PC, only a single wire is used to connect the headset. When you put on the headset, you won’t need to mess with the headphones since it contains its own earphones.

The Oculus works well without goggles and a user will be comfortable putting them on. The inbuilt removable earphones are great and they have a capability of offering a fuller and more engaging sound field. The inbuilt microphone works quite well and the voice chat is cool too.

There are issues though. It can cause motion sickness among users. Also,while it’s fairly comfortable, it’s not perfect. It can surely become uncomfortable over time and many people have said they don’t find it to be really comfortable.

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